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About us

At Rockhopper we aim to provide excellent services to all our Customers offering a safe, responsive, ‘right first time’ delivery and value for money through our single value of Integrity.In a sector with many new recent entrants the market craves a company able to draw on many years experience and knowledge and one that can also display integrity and quality. The directors of Rockhopper have exemplary career histories and their combined passion for quality, safety and customer service will ensure that Rockhopper will quickly grow to be the provider of choice for main Contractors, companies and Clients in the South East looking for a safe pair of hands for their infrastructure services and traffic management.Our team within Rockhopper  brings not only the best practices we have learned from working within established companies in the industry but also cross industry innovation as part of our entrepreneurial and fresh approach.We grow our business with an eye to where technology and ‘working smartly’ bring efficiencies and benefits for their customers. We price to be the ‘quality’ choice where customers know that getting it right first time is the most financially efficient approach. Rockhopper recognises the importance of good communications with customers. These communications together with transparency and setting correct expectations will distinguish their experience with the business creating satisfied, loyal customers who are willing to recommend Rockhopper Infrastructure Services. At Rockhopper we differentiate ourselves from our competitors with a zero tolerance to unacceptable safety practices and poor quality.


Our strategy is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We will do this by:

  • Being approachable, accessible and proactive
  • Offering new ideas and approaches
  • Producing the right results
  • Widening the type of services we offer


Our single value of Integrity sums up how we expect Rockhopper and our people to deliver our services.We recognise that our customers and clients want to do business with a company they can trust. Regardless of the circumstances, we do everything to gain the trust of customers and clients by honoring all commitments and obligations We do what we say we will do when we say we will do it.

As we strive for continuous improvement all our people are willing to open up to ideas for betterment. We ask for opinions and feedback from both customers and team members in order that our company will continue to grow.

We remain involved in community-related issues and activities, demonstrating that our business is a responsible community contributor.

We ensure we treat others with the utmost of respect. Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions, we always treat others with professional respect and courtesy.


Built around our core value, we have developed five key objectives that will deliver our strategy

Delivering our services safely
Our goal is to eliminate accidents and injuries at work. Health and Safety, as well as environmental awareness and quality are key drivers in our business and are aligned to those of the vast majority of our customers. We will improve our safety by liaising with our staff and customers. We are all responsible for the safety of our colleagues, the public and ourselves. We will deliver the safest working environment possible through strong and visible leadership. We will learn from incidents and near misses. We will:

  • Strive for zero incidents.
  • Strive for zero RIDDOR incidents.
  • Ensure near misses are reported.


Building long-term relationships
We will provide the service that our clients need. Using our extensive knowledge of the industry we understand the needs and expectations of our customers and are able to offer the right solution at an affordable price, delivering on our promises. We work with our clients to create a joined up, cost effective approach, providing as many alternative solutions as possible. We talk and listen to our clients openly and honestly, offering positive suggestions at all times. We will:

  • Understand the top five key issues for all of our customers.
  • Work in an open and honest culture of ‘no surprises’


Working smarter
We will continually look at the way we do things and introduce changes to make us more efficient. We will find new ways of delivering our services to give customers value for money, and achieve more for less. We will:

  • Review and refine our method of delivery by maintaining an Added Value Register
  • Identify and capture all wasteful activities through an NCR process, resolve and close-out.


A growing business
Growth provides stability and opportunities for our employees and additional skilled resources and expertise for our customers. We will ensure sustainable profitable growth within the business, identifying the right opportunities at the right time.

  • Profit – track cost and value and maintain weekly CVRs for all projects.
  • Cash- Ensure that we receive monies owed within the agreed payment terms
  • Develop a business case for all new work streams


Striving to be the best
We want to be the best at what we do. To do this we must continually improve our people, systems, products and services. We will:

  • Ensure we are delivering what our customers expect – through feedback and surveys.
  • Sustainable profit margins – balancing the right financial result with offering value for money